Mackenzie at New Sound helped me create some custom plugs to protect my hearing during concerts and festivals. She was gentle, kind, and accommodating! Highly recommend seeing Mackenzie for your hearing and ear health needs :)
Carissa Wordel, on Google
We had a great time. Everyone was so helpful. We would recommend New Sound to anyone.
Dale and Lynda Janssen, on Google
Mackenzie is an amazing person. She is very personable and knowledgeable. Very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Thank you!
Eugene Corwin, on Google
My appointment today was to determine why my left hearing aid was not working. Jennifer assisted me. She was very professional and courteous throughout my visit. She found that the wax filter was plugged. She replaced it, and the hearing aid worked great. She also cleaned them and replaced the pads. As long as I was there, she removed my ear wax. She also synced my hearing aids to my cell phone app. My overall experience was superior. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Tom Brandt.
Tom Brandt, on Google
I took a hearing test and learned I was not hearing some of the sounds in words clearly. It was degraded from my last test. Joel placed new hearing aids in my ears and adjusted them to my requirements. I immediately could understand conversation much better. The cost of the new hearing aids are high, but I feel that it is worth if I can understand my grandchildren, friends, etc. This is my opinion after wearing them for one afternoon.
Ken Cox, on Google

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