Got my aides dialed in today, much better! Less hissing, and more natural sounding. The audio techs were very helpful.
Mark Uhlenhopp, on Google
I was very pleased with everyone this morning. I felt the good vibes from all of you & i was so comfortable.
Leona Lovejoy, on Google
The employee's were so welcoming. Even though I wasn't able to get my test done today because my ear was too clogged. I will definitely make my appointment here again.
Ramona Reyes, on Google
Always friendly and helpful and looking for the most easy on the wallet options - which i truly appreciate!
deanna lutgen, on Google
Thank you for helping I learned a method to get the wax out and the tech is sending the it in to fix one The stress is hard on both of us Good to have have you there
Kathleen Pritchett, on Google

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